Businesses are becoming more security aware by the day. Smaller and medium size organizations know that security is crucial to their continuity. Incidents have direct consequences for their survival. Maxcom works with resellers to offer comprehensive security services to their customers. By taking a custom approach, we are able to determine with our partners how their client’s environments are best and most efficiently protected.
Maxcom works with leading security specialists in the market, with offerings for securing every layer of the IT environment.
Popular security threads
“Phishing” is a very popular and frequently used cybercrime method. Internet criminals are targeting people who are contacted by SMS or App messages, email or telephone to try to retrieve confidential data such as personally ID information, credit card or banking details and passwords. These internet criminals then use the information to access accounts and which can ultimately result in identity theft and large financial losses.
Ransomware is software which allows Internet criminals (once installed) to take over your computer and denies you access to your data. To unlock your data, the Internet criminals demand you to pay ransom. Unfortunately, you’ll probably never get access after paying the request ransom.
Targeted Attacks
A Targeted Attack is a type of threat in which Internet criminals actively pursue and compromise a target entity’s infrastructure but are able to stay anonymous. These criminals are often well trained experts with enough resources to keep attacking over a long-term period. They can change and improve their attacks to counter your defenses.